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Posted: February 16, 2014 in English
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Ministry of Defence (MOD) Pakistan NTS Entry Test Preparation Guides | Books


The previous paper of 2010 the test comprised of 2 papers

i. CA/PA paper – Purely Subjective

ii. Maths+Eng+CA+PA+Isl+GK – 100 Marks MCQs paper.


But as this time, NTS is going to take test so may be it will be a bit different. So, we will have to wait for the official announcement of Paper pattern and syllabus. Since, test is on 2 March 2014 (as mentioned on NTS website).


1. Islamic Studies MCQs by Imtiaz Shahid

2. Caravan GK MCQs (All subjects combo)

3. IndoPak+PA MCQs by Sohail Bhatti

4. EDS MCQs by Rab Nawaz Samo.



For maths portion study and practice jehangir’s Gat book.

English is a vast subject anything can be asked from anywhere but you must have knowledge about sentences,basic grammar rules etc.


For English and Mathematics GRE Book will be useful for test.

I think the test pattern will cover the following subjects:



Basic Arithmetic

Analytical reasoning



referring aptitude book of carvan series..and nts dogar book …and also papering for essay and current affair paper it is possibility they might take subjective test

  1. sajid says:

    what does GK (CA, EDS, PA) means, please let me know

  2. zahir says:

    palwasha, You are doing great work. May Allah help you in all your endeavors you make for your successful life. Be blessed

  3. Ubedullah says:

    palwahsa how are you and tou are doing great job may ALLAH gives u long life .

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